Automatic Enrolment: 6 million ‘confused’ employees. How many work for you?


6 million ‘confused’ employees. How many work for you? Are you one of them?New research has shown that despite high profile publicity millions of workers are still confused about Automatic Enrolment.

The research was conducted by Sage, a leading provider of payroll services in the UK, who spoke to 1,000 full time employees. The shocking findings include:

  • 56% of people find the term ‘Auto Enrolment’ confusing and couldn’t say what it relates to
  • 27% of employees are still in the dark about what Automatic Enrolment means for their retirement
  • 25% of employees have received no information whatsoever about Automatic Enrolment from their employer

If the results of the survey were mirrored in the overall population, this would equate to six million employees who are confused about Automatic Enrolment and 300,000 businesses who have so far failed to communicate with their staff.

Improve your communication

The research clearly shows that many employers need to do more to effectively communicate the changes to their staff.

The survey found that when Automatic Enrolment was explained to employees, 76% said they agreed with the changes. But with 25% of workers having so far received no information, and 35% wishing their employer had done more to communicate the changes, it is clear that some employers need to do more.

Earlier on this year, we looked at five reasons why employers who talk to their staff about Automatic Enrolment will save time and money.

These include:

  1. Fewer questions from your staff
  2. Eliminates nasty surprises for your staff
  3. Increase the opt-in rate

You can read more about these reasons and discover the others, by clicking here.

Do you need help with staff communications?

Explaining to your staff about Automatic Enrolment can be tricky:

  • Do you know enough about the changes?
  • What can and can’t you tell them?
  • Should communications be in writing or would workshops be better?
  • When is the best time to tell them so they have time to plan but won’t forget?

We’ve successfully helped many employers with Automatic Enrolment and can advise you on the best way to communicate with your staff.

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