Client journey

Your journey with us

We want to prove the quality of our advice and that working with Investment Sense is the right choice for you.

To begin with, we’ll have a meeting or call where we’ll get to know more about you and your financial objectives. We’ll discuss possible approaches for achieving your objectives, and outline how the advice process works, including likely costs.

At this stage, should you decide not to move things forward with us, we guarantee you will not be charged. We firmly believe that this approach will allow you to decide, without cost or obligation, whether we’re the right fit for you.

The advice process

We place a great deal of importance on cash flow planning. This is an effective way of assessing all of your income and expenditure to work out when and how you can achieve your financial aims.

The more complex the advice, the more valuable a face-to-face meeting is with your financial planner. However, for some less complicated matters, conversations over the phone or email can work just as effectively.

Whether we’re working face to face or via telephone, we typically move through the following stages:

Stage 1

An initial meeting or conversation will take place where we will identify your financial goals and look into your existing arrangements.

Stage 2

Your planner will create a report detailing their advice and any associated costs and charges. This report will be presented to you at a second meeting or by email, again, whichever you prefer.

Stage 3

The advice will be discussed and refined until you are completely happy.

Stage 4

You may then choose whether you implement the advice through us or an alternative adviser.

Stage 5

If you choose to implement the advice through Investment Sense, you and your financial planner will agree what level of on-going support you require.

Are you ready?

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