Bev Stoves, puts her best foot forward…for 26 miles, 365 yards!

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Bev marathonWe are delighted to be supporting our Managing Director, Bev Stoves, as she trains to run the Virgin London Marathon on 24 April 2016. We caught up with Bev to find out a bit more……

You have done a couple of half marathons, what’s the appeal of the 26.2?

In 2015, I met a 70 year old, blind adventurer and listened to him speak to 3,500 people. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience as he recounted his life story and how he had climbed Kilimanjaro, completed the Marathon Des Sables, hauled a sledge 250 miles to Antarctica and run an 11 day Ultra Marathon across China from the Gobi Desert to the Great Wall. He had done lots of other amazing things too.

His mantra was ‘The only limits in life are the ones we put on ourselves.’ That day, I knew I was going to run a marathon in 2016.

Why London?

2016 is going to be the year the millionth runner completes the course and it could be me!! #oneinamillion

What is the hardest thing about running in the Winter?

Apart from wet, windy and cold, it’s been the dark! I have been running up and down a hilly Nottingham street, with a head torch, looking out for protruding tree roots and uneven pavements.

What is the best thing about running?

The Head Space and the feeling when you get home afterwards.

How often do you train?

I have been doing a long run, a short run and hill sprints. I have also been strength training every week and although I have moaned endlessly about split squats, lunges and deadlifts, it has helped my running no end.

What has kept you so focussed?

The medal and my sons keep telling me how much I inspire them and how proud they are.

How do you think you will feel on the actual Race Day?

I am already more nervous about navigating the London Transport system to get to the start line than the race itself. I want to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy every minute.

What next?

I am doing the Run 5.30 in Nottingham on 1 July which is 5.3km at 5.30am. I have a place for the Great North Run in September but a half marathon distance doesn’t feel scary any more. Then I am going to enjoy the weekly park run.

Are you running for Charity?

I am proud to be raising funds for the Lord’s Taverners – they are the UK’s leading youth cricket and disability sports charity dedicated to giving disadvantaged and disabled young people a sporting chance. Their mission is to help these people through sport and recreation and it’s a true privilege to be running for the Tavs.

If you would like to donate, a link to Bev’s fundraising page is below: