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As we draw to the end of a long winter we thought it would be worth highlighting the developments and improvements we are making to our website in the Spring.

Although the UK is slowly emerging from recession there are still many challenges facing savers and investors, whether it be the recent rise in inflation, low savings rates, constant changes to legislation or the battle to get a better return through lower charges, we are always striving to offer additional services that are relevant to your needs and that really make it easier for you to make better financial decisions.

Retirement Centre to be launched

At Investment Sense we believe passionately that you have saved hard to build up your pension fund and therefore should have all the information you need to make the best possible decisions when you come to take an income from your pension.

That is why we have joined the ‘Offer More Options’ campaign which is aimed at highlighting greater awareness of the options that you have when deciding how to take an income from your pension.

To make this even easier for you, early April will see the launch of our ‘Retirement Centre’. Not only will this give you more information about how to convert your pension into income it will allow you to get real time Annuity quotes from our independent Annuity calculator.

Best Buy Savings Accounts

Our Best Buy Savings Accounts tables are proving very popular, we have already made them even easier to read and in April we will be adding other categories to help you get the best possible return on your savings.

Remember because we receive no payment from any of the banks and building societies named on them you can be sure they are independent and unbiased.

Newsletter launched

April will see the launch of our monthly newsletter.

The newsletter will be available in either electronic or paper format and will give you in depth analysis of the issues that matter to you, along with reviews of investment products, interviews with leading fund managers and much more.

Click here to visit our homepage to sign up for your copy.

As you can see there is a lot going on as we strive to give you relevant and up to the minute information, great deals and a range of free services.

Visit us regularly to see the changes, if you like what you see tell your friends, if you’d like to see other developments then tell us.