Credit card holders charged double on New Year’s Eve


Credit card users were overcharged on the eve of the new year.

Lloyds has promised to reimburse debit card holders who were charged double for items they bought just before the start of the new year.

Thousands of debit and credit card users were charged twice for purchases they made on New Year’s Eve due to a payment glitch, according to Lloyds Banking Group.

Over 200,000 people were double-charged in shops and restaurants because of a problem with Lloyds TSB Cardnet, the payment processing service used by many UK retailers. The bank said a “system error” with wireless terminals used for card payments was the source of the trouble.

Consumers using cards from different banks could have been affected by the malfunction and may only discover that they have been charged twice when they receive their bank statements this month.

Lloyds said the technical problem affected “certain payments from card holders to some merchants” adding that any “duplicated transactions have been reversed and card holders are being reimbursed”.

People who think they have been charged twice for purchases made on New Year’s Eve and then penalised by their personal bank have been told to contact Lloyds. It said: “We will consider all reasonable and evidenced requests for reimbursement”.