Harlequin Property update: Harlequin invite investors to “Open Days”


Update Harlequin 150pxAfter weeks of deafening silence, when many investors have complained about poor communication, unreturned phone calls and emails, as well as missing monthly interest payments, Harlequin Property has now invited their investors to attend a series of ‘Open Days’.

Harlequin Property ‘Open Days’

In a letter apparently sent to investors and published on the online forum, Harlequin Investors Board, the beleaguered property group invite both “investors and agents” to an “Open Day”.

The letter states: “We are dedicated to being as open as possible with you all and these Open Days will enable us to address a range of topics and answer any concerns. It is also very important that we share what others have been doing to harms your investments and wheat we have been doing to protect them.”

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The letter continues: “The topics will include but not restricted to: Irish court case and ongoing legal action, recent media attention, FSA, SFO, Panorama, payments, financing, completions, our future.”

The meetings will take place in Manchester on 23rd April and in Basildon, Essex on 24th April, starting at 10 am, 12.30 pm, 3pm and 6pm.

Investors who wish to attend should email opendays@harlequinhotelsandresorts.com

The announcement of the Harlequin “Open Day” comes after the Harlequin Investor Group announced a series of their own meetings, run in conjunction with law firm, Regulatory Legal. These meetings will take place on 9th, 11th and 12th April, although spaces are now only available on the 12th April in Birmingham.

Investors who wish to attend the Harlequin Investor Group meeting should email gemma.stackhouse@regulatorylegal.co.uk

BBC producer resigns

In a separate development, a BBC producer has apparently resigned, following allegations which led to an ‘expose’ into Harlequin Property being pulled just days before it was due to be aired.

The Guardian and Independent newspapers have both reported that a producer accused of bribing a security consultant, in return for information concerning the beleaguered property group, has now resigned.

In a statement the BBC said: “We have accepted the resignation of a member of staff who had recently been suspended following a complaint made to Panorama.”

The programme had originally been schedule for the 25th March, but was pulled at the last minute following the allegations. The BBC has said that it is still investigating the matter and hopes the programme will air in the future.

Are you a Harlequin Property investor?

If you are a Harlequin Property investor you will naturally be concerned about the recent developments. The investors we have spoken to have had mixed emotions, however all have wanted to take some form of action.

We would recommend that Harlequin investors continue to monitor the situation whilst completing the Harlequin Property Serious Fraud Office questionnaire , which can be found by clicking here and also visit the website set up by Regulatory Legal: www.harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk for more news.

There is also an online forum, run by Harlequin Investors, which can be found by clicking here .

You can also contact our team of Independent Financial Advisers on 0115 933 8433, alternatively enquire online or email info@investmentsense.co.uk