Help to Buy ISAs proving popular


My Savings for a New HouseNew figures have shown that thousands of first time buyers have opened Help to Buy ISAs over the past six months, as they try and build a large enough deposit to get onto the housing ladder.

The Help to Buy ISA was launched last December and allows potential first time buyers to receive a bonus of 25% if they money saved is used to buy a home; for example, if £200 is saved, a £50 bonus will be payable.

The bonus is capped at £3,000, however for couples this is effectively doubled as the accounts are opened on an individual basis. The minimum bonus is £400, which means savers must have built up at least £1,600 to qualify.

Furthermore, the interest received by savers is tax-free.

First time buyers can pay up to £200 per month into their Help to Buy ISA and in the first month can make a lump sum contribution of up to £1,200.

The figures show:

  • Since December 2015 550,000 people have opened Help to Buy ISAs
  • Some first time buyers have already used their cash to buy a home, with bonuses paid out to 2,090 people
  • The average bonus paid was £421

Help to Buy ISAs are offered by a wide range of banks and building societies and despite criticism when they were launched, have clearly provide popular with first time buyers.

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