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Investment Sense in the Financial Times

We were delighted to be featured in an article published in the Financial Times on Saturday 18th September.

The article, which can be found by clicking here, highlighted to issue that SIPP investors have in finding attractive rates for their deposit accounts, the problem is two fold.

Firstly as with say a Cash ISA, there are a huge range of deposit accounts available for a SIPP to open. However, unlike a Cash ISA there are no easy sources of information showing the best accounts available for a SIPP all in one place

Secondly many SIPPs offer access to only a restricted panel of deposit accounts and often the interest rates on offer are extremely uncompetitive.

We believe that to make your money work harder, you need access to information showing the best deposit accounts available for your SIPP to invest in and for the providers to open up their plans to offer a wider range of accounts.

This view has been endorsed by the over whelming response to the article, we have taken many calls from SIPP investors profoundly unhappy that their SIPP will not allow access to a wider range of cash funds.

We are proud to be highlighting this issue and we believe our efforts will help your money work harder for you.

Please take a look at the article by clicking here.