Married? Are you missing out on a tax-break?


Are you married or in a civil partnership? You could be entitled to a £432 tax break thanks to the Marriage Allowance.

HMRC estimates that around 4.2 million couples are eligible to reduce their tax payments thanks to this allowance, which was introduced last year. However, only a million people have claimed it so far.

Are you one of the three million people missing out?

Are you eligible to claim?

Marriage allowance was launched on the 6th April 2016. It is aimed at couples where one partner may not be working, or is low waged, and is consequently not a taxpayer.

To claim, you must be married, or in a civil partnership and:

  • One of you earns less than the current personal allowance of £11,000
  • The other is a basic rate taxpayer with income of between £11,001 and £43,000

Marriage Allowance applies even for people receiving a state pension or living abroad provided they get a personal allowance.

How does it work?

It allows the non-taxpayer to transfer £1,100 of their personal allowance to their civil partner, husband or wife.

This reduces the tax paid by the higher earner by 20% of £1,100, saving, in the current tax-year, £220.

How much can you claim?

£220 for the current tax-year.

But, if you qualified in the 2015/16 tax-year, you can back date your claim.

Backdating your claim

Marriage Allowance was introduced in the 2015/16 tax year. If you were entitled to take advantage of it last year, but didn’t, you can backdate your claim.

Last year the allowance could have saved you up to £212. This, plus the £220 the allowance will save you in the 2016/17 tax year, makes a total claim of £432.

  • Claims can be backdated under this scheme until 5th April 2020
  • Once claimed, you should continue receiving Marriage Tax Allowance automatically
  • HMRC must be informed of any changes of circumstances, such as changes of income, divorce or dissolution of civil partnerships, or bereavement

If you were to divorce, your marriage allowance should continue to the end of the tax year, or you can backdate to the start of the current tax year.

Apply for Marriage Allowance

The first step is to check that you are eligible. You’ll need your most recent tax documents which show your earnings, as well as your National Insurance numbers.

HMRC also has an online calculator, which shows how much you can claim. Then you can simply apply online, by clicking here.

You can also apply by calling 0300 200 3300.

After going through the application process you’ll be informed that your application has been received via email.

We don’t get many breaks from the taxman, for people who are eligible, this is one of them. Don’t lose it!