National Counties Index Linked Savings Bond Issue 2 – withdrawn


National Counties Building Society (NCBS) has announced that the 2nd Issue of the Index Linked Savings Bond is now fully subscribed and has therefore been withdrawn and replaced by a 3rd Issue, which is available exclusively for customers who have already received an application form or applied online for the withdrawn 2nd Issue. The 3rd Issue’s indexation period is five years and two months (two months longer than the 2nd Issue) and it matures on 1 February 2016 instead of 1 December 2015 – all other terms and conditions are the same as for the 2nd Issue.

As with its predecessor, availability of the 3rd Issue is limited and may be fully subscribed within a few days. Customers who are yet to post their application form are urged to do so quickly to avoid possible disappointment, amending the second page of the application form to show that they wish to apply for the 3rd Issue.

For further details about the 3rd Issue Index Linked Savings Bond please click here.