Budget 2012: Newspaper reaction


How did the newspapers react to George Osborne’s budget?

The cut in the top rate of tax and the increase to the Personal Allowance are making the early headlines, but expect the cut in age related allowances for pensioners to be big news once the full impact of the change has sunk in.

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Daily Mail

Osborne is picking the pockets of four million pensioners: Elderly will foot the bill for Chancellor’s giveaway

Is that really fair? Osborne says he’s hitting super rich…half Britain’s pensioners face £3bn ‘hidden tax’ to ease burden for working families and firms

Daily Telegraph

‘Granny tax’ hits five million pensioners

End of 50p tax but 45p rate here to stay

George Osborne’s £3 billion pension raid helps pay for tax cuts

Taxpayers to be told how Government spends their tax


Pensioners hit by loss of tax breaks

Motorists fume over fuel price increase

50p tax rate scrapped and allowance raised

The Independent

Good for footballers and City, bad for smokers and old

Ed Miliband condemns top rate tax cut

Daily Express

Millions £220 better off as work will pay

Pensioners the big losers

The Mirror

Budget bombshell: Tories mug OAPs and hand tax breaks to the rich

Ups and downs: George Osborne’s 2012 Budget at a glance

Cough up or quit: Chancellor gets tough with smokers as he puts pack of 20 up by 37p

The Sun

Tanks a lot, George: Chancellor fails to cut fuel duty in Budget 2012…and pensioners will be worse off too

The Daily Record

Budget 2012: Tax slashed on biggest earners, no cut in fuel duty and state pension age to be reviewed