NS&I puts Guaranteed Growth and Guaranteed Income Bonds back on sale after eight years


NS&I stopped selling Guaranteed Growth and Guaranteed Income Bonds in 2009, but they have recently announced that the one-year and three-year Bonds are available to the public once more.


The fixed-rate Bonds are available to people who are:


  • Aged 16 and over
  • Investing a minimum of £500 and a maximum of £1 million

Bonds can only be purchased online, through the NS&I website, although they can be managed via post, telephone and online.

It is possible to jointly purchase these Bonds with another person, however, only the first named person will receive postal statements.

The Bonds are fixed-term for one or three years and, whilst it is possible to withdraw money which has been invested, it will incur a penalty which is equal to 90 days interest and a minimum of £500 must remain.


The one- and three-year Bonds offer:

  • Guaranteed Income Bonds: 1.45% gross/ 1.46% AER on one-year Bonds and 2.15% gross/2.17% AER on three-year Bonds. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.
  • Guaranteed Growth Bonds: 1.50% gross/AER on one-year Bonds and 2.20% gross/AER on three-year Bonds. Interest is calculated daily and added to the balance annually.

These interest rates are correct at the time of writing, Interest rates are offered at the point of purchase and will not change throughout the one, or three, year term.

Interest is not taxed when paid, but it is potentially taxable and will count toward your Personal Saving Allowance.

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Visit the NS&I website by clicking here.