SIPPs: Investment Sense extends their SIPP tables

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SIPPs: Investment Sense extends their SIPP tablesWe launched our SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) tables, showing a range of information, including charges and allowable investments, in September last year.

Since then we have regularly added more SIPP providers and we now cover nearly 80 SIPPs.

A year on, and in response to questions and queries we have received, we have now extended the tables to provide even more information.

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As ever with Investment Sense all of our information, including the new SIPP details, are available to access for free online, and without the need to register.

What extra information is now included?

We’ve increased each listing to include details of whether some additional SIPP investments, such as overseas property, brands, trademarks, intellectual property, goodwill and third party loans are allowed.

Where a SIPP provider will allow a third party loan we have also provided information about whether this is available on a secured or unsecured basis and the percentage of the pension which can be used for this purpose.

For people interested in investing in commercial property we have also asked SIPP providers to confirm whether they will allow overseas commercial property to be held in their SIPP.

We have always been nervous of the various SIPP rating schemes available; however, where available, we have now included details of the Defaqto rating applicable to each SIPP provider.

Finally, for those people wanting to start to take income from their pension we have asked each provider whether they will allow Scheme Pension, as an alternative to some of the more traditional options.

Help choosing a SIPP

The additional information is contained within each SIPP provider’s listing, which can be found by clicking here.

You can also narrow down your choice of SIPP by using the ‘Help choosing your SIPP’ page on our site, which can be found by clicking here.

This section helps to filter your choice of SIPP provider into different categories:

Access to National Savings products

Allows Flexible Drawdown

Allows the purchase of brands and trademarks

Allows the purchase of goodwill

Allows the purchase of Intellectual Property (IP)

Allows third party loans to be made

Allows unlisted share purchase

Commercial property

Overseas commercial property

Overseas stocks & shares via any stockbroker

Unrestricted access to ‘sippable’ deposit accounts

Unrestricted access to Discretionary Fund Managers

Unrestricted access to platforms & stockbrokers

Next steps

We would strongly recommend that using a SIPP to access some of the more unusual types of investment should only be done after having taken suitable advice.

Our team of Independent Financial Advisers in Nottingham are experienced in advising SIPP investors, the length and breadth, of the UK on their investment options, if you would like advice on your options call one of our IFAs today on 0115 933 8433, alternatively enquire online or email