SIPPs: New SIPP launched offering “best of both worlds”


Barnett WaddinghamHot on the heels of two recent SIPP launches, Barnett Waddingham has today launched their new ‘Flexible SIPP’, which will offer investors the “best of both worlds”.

Barnett Waddingham, who already manages in excess of 2,300 SIPPs, has bucked the recent trend of SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) providers splitting their offering between a ‘Lite SIPP’, generally offering access to a restrictive panel of Discretionary Fund Managers and a ‘Full SIPP’ allowing access to a wider range of investments.

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Instead Barnett Waddingham has taken the innovative approach of giving investors the benefits of a ‘Lite’ and ‘Full’ SIPP in one product.

According to Barnet Waddingham this will cut down on paperwork, reduce fees and allow investors a smoother transition as their needs change.

Barnett Waddingham Flexible SIPP

The new Flexible SIPP includes:

  • Low-cost access to a range of well-known Discretionary Fund Managers
  • Can also be used as a full bespoke SIPP, for example to open deposit accounts, buy assets directly or to invest into commercial property
  • A single named point of contact, to ensure continuity of service for advisers
  • Online facilities which make illustrations and applications an easy task

Commenting on the launch Julia Bassett, Chief Executive Officer of BW SIPP LLP, said: “Clients’ investment needs and circumstances can change over time, and advisers may find that their chosen SIPP no longer accommodates clients’ needs. Flexible SIPP is different because advisers do not have to weigh up the pros and cons of whether to select a more restrictive lower cost “Lite” SIPP or full bespoke SIPP with greater investment options, as the options are all available in one product.”

She continued; “Flexible SIPP gives access to the best of both worlds, where clients can enjoy the benefits of a quality, cost-effective

SIPP, with access to a range of popular DFMs, but also with the additional option to use their SIPP to access bespoke investment options should they wish to do so.

Low cost set-up fees

The new Barnett Waddingham Flexible SIPP will certainly offers low set up fees, from just £100 if the application is made online by a financial adviser. Unlike other SIPPs there is no charge to transfer in other pensions, making the initial fees very cost effective.

The annual fee of £250 also compares well with similar products.

Additional fees are then payable depending on the types of asset a member wishes to invest in and whether or not they have retired and are taking an income.

Investment flexibility

Described by Barnett Waddingham as offering the ‘best of both worlds’, the fees for the Flexible SIPP are particularly competitive if one of a panel of Discretionary Fund Managers are used. The managers available are:

  • Brewin Dolphin
  • Investec Wealth & Investment
  • Charles Stanley & Co
  • Rathbone Investment Management
  • Hurley Partners
  • Redmayne Bentley
  • Rowan Dartington
  • Ingenious Asset Management
  • Whitechurch Securities

Members who wish to manage their own money can do so through two execution only brokers, namely Redmayne Bentley and Stocktrade.

Investors who want to open deposit accounts, buy commercial property, or indeed a range of other investments can do so through the Flexible SIPP.

Click here to see exactly what investments are permissible.

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Alternatively, Barnett Waddingham can be reached on 0844 443 0100