SIPPs: Special offer as InvestAcc reduce initial charge on their SIPP Lite product


InvestAccInvestAcc has launched a summer special offer reducing the initial charge on one of their popular SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) products.

The special offer, which runs from 1st July to 30th September, sees InvestAcc reduce the initial charge on their SIPP Lite product from £195 to £95.

Simple & clear

The InvestAcc SIPP Lite product is designed for investors who want more control over their investments, but do not need the full range of self-invested options, for example property purchase, offered by other SIPPs.

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In addition to the initial charge, an annual fee of £195 is payable, which is very competitive when compared to other similar ‘simple’ SIPP products.

The only other fee, which could be payable, is in the event a member decides to draw their benefits via Income Drawdown, in which case a further £100 per year would be payable.

Commenting on the special offer, InvestAcc’s Nigel Bennett said: “Our summer special offer is aimed at bringing our products and services to the attention of a wider range of investors and their financial advisers.”

Nigel continued: “We’ve noticed that enquiries for switches of existing SIPPs to us has increased, which we believe is because customers are receiving an increasingly poor service from their current SIPP company, and when they shop around for an alternative then it’s natural that they’re going to look for the best service at a competitive price, which is exactly what we deliver. By reducing the setup fee for the next few weeks we’re hoping to make it easier to move a SIPP to us or indeed to establish a brand new one”.

Who are InvestAcc?

InvestAcc has been operating in the self-invested pension market for over 20 years offering both SIPPs and SSASs (Small Self-Administered Schemes).

InvestAcc currently offer three SIPP products: SIPP Lite, Minerva SIPP and the Flexi SIPP, to cover a wide range of investor needs.

If you are a financial adviser interested in the special offer you should contact Nigel Bennett on 07557 524431 or by emailing

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