James Hay Modular iSIPP

Last updated: 25th April 2024

Charges Charges are not subject to VAT unless indicated

Initial/Set up fee


Annual fee

£235 for core iSIPP (Nil if over £200,000 is invested in qualifying investments)

Transfer in fee


Transfer out fee

Equal to value received (max £50 per payment)

In-specie transfer in fee

£50 per transfer up to a maximum of £200 per annum

Taking Benefits

Income Drawdown set up (per payment of PCLS) £100 plus VAT

Annual income drawdown charge (once benefits are crystallised as flexi-access or capped drawdown - even if nil income taken): £164 plus VAT

Review of income limits on capped drawdown £150 plus VAT

Uncrystallised funds pension lump sum payment £100 plus VAT

Annuity purchase fee


Payment of death benefits fee

No fee normally charged for processing death benefits, however in exceptional circumstances a fee may be charged on a time / cost basis

Other fees

Investment related fees:

For each of the property module and whole of market module: £134 per year

Setting up an Investment Manager Account: £100

Panel stockbroker account annual charge: £27

Investment manager/off panel stockbroker account annual charge: £94

Annual Investment Centre platform charge (percentage taken is based on the value of Investment Centre funds):

First £300,000, 0.25%
Next £300,000, 0.20%
Next £400,000, 0.15%
Next £500,000, 0.05%
Over £1,500,000, 0.01%

Investment Centre transactions:

Online, £0

Paper, £20 per instruction

External investments using Whole of Market module:

Online, £20 per investment provider

Paper, £50 per investment provider


Access: Direct or via IFA


Online capability


Our secure online reporting system offers a full audit trail of transactions, asset histories and online communications. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Financial Advisers, Clients and Authorised Third Parties. There are a range of intuitive tools and features available including: performance reporting, asset allocation, daily valuations, transfer summaries, contribution summaries, breakdown of pension input periods, income & PAYE details, secure messaging facility, literature library, technical guides, Selftrade trading terminal, cross client analysis, document store, illustrations, online applications, fund research, trade tracking, cash alerts, IM money movements, adhoc and regular buys, sales and switches, model portfolio setup and re-balancing.

Permitted Investments

Commercial property

Unit trusts & OEICS

Via the James Hay Investment Centre

External deposit accounts

Subject to restrictions

Overseas listed stock and shares

Via the James Hay Investment Centre

UK listed stocks and shares

Via the James Hay Investment Centre

AIM shares

Via the James Hay Investment Centre

Gilts/corporate bonds

Via the James Hay Investment Centre


Via the James Hay Investment Centre

Investment trusts

Via the James Hay Investment Centre

National Savings & Investments

Unlisted shares

Structured products

Trustee Investment Plans

Insurance company funds

Hedge funds

Traded endowment plans

Third party loans

Property purchase

Purchase fee

£600 plus VAT

Commercial property module charge: £134 plus VAT

Sale fee

£450 plus VAT

Annual property administration fee

£705 plus VAT (first lettable unit/lease in each property)
then £604 plus VAT (each additional lettable unit/lease in each property), if self-managed

£1,275 plus VAT (first lettable unit/lease in each property)
then £738 plus VAT (each additional lettable unit/lease in each property), if managed by CBRE

VAT registration fee

£120 plus VAT

VAT return fees

£134 plus VAT per year

Other fees

Purchase charge per additional member, £100 plus VAT

Annual charge per additional member, £134 plus VAT per annum

Mortgage arrangement charge, £250 plus VAT

Annual mortgage charge, £201 plus VAT

Purchase / sale cancellation fee, £300 plus VAT

Property development: 0.5% of cost of work plus VAT (capped at £2,000)

SIPP Bank Account

SIPP bank account provider

Pooled bank account

Current interest rate



Scheme trustees

James Hay Pension Trustees Ltd

Scheme administrator

James Hay Administration Company Ltd

Minimum contributions

Regular payments

No minimum

Transfers/Single Premiums

No minimum

Min additional

No minimum

Company Information


Wholly owned by IFG Group Plc

Year established


Funds under administration

Approximately £83 billion (2024)

Number of SIPPs administered

Approximately 250,000 (2024)

Defaqto rating

Five stars


Accepts benefits from defined benefit / final salary schemes?

Yes, only if IFA advised


Flexi-Access Drawdown/UFPLS offered


Scheme Pension offered




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