The Talbot & Muir SIPP

Last updated: 3rd August 2023

Charges Charges are subject to VAT although shown excluding VAT

Initial/Set up fee

Completed online £nil

Paper application £150

Annual fee

Single asset SIPP, £245

Multi asset SIPP, £435

Multi asset SIPP including a single commercial property, £980

See notes section below

Transfer in fee

None, where an adviser completes the transfer requirements

Other transfers in cash £20 per transfer (max £200)

Transfer out fee

Cash transfer out, £150

In-specie transfer out, £50 per asset transferred, maximum in-specie transfer out fee, £500

In-specie transfer in fee

£50 per asset transferred, maximum in-specie transfer in fee, £500

Taking Benefits

Flexi Access Drawdown:

Establishing first tranche £150

Annual drawdown charge £150

Additional tranche of Flexi-Access Drawdown £150

Capped Drawdown:

Annual Drawdown Fee £150

Additional tranche £150

Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum


Exhausting the Fund

Fee for exhausting the fund under Flexi-Access Drawdown or UFPLS, £150

Annuity purchase fee


Payment of death benefits fee


Other fees


Single contributions after establishment and variations to regular contributions, £20

Refund of contributions (where allowed), £20

In-specie contribution, £500

Investment related fees:

Investments with UK authorised Unit Trust / OEIC or insurance fund investments, £20 per investment, capped at £200 per annum

Establish an alternative deposit account, £20

Other fees:

Establishment of a Bypass Trust, £195

Ad hoc valuations, £100

Work required to ensure compliance with changes in pension legislation and regulation, time costed

Annual meetings (where required), £200 plus travel costs


Access: Direct or via IFA

Advised only business. However, Talbot and Muir are happy to liaise with clients regarding ongoing administration.

Online capability


The Talbot & Muir system enables an adviser and a client to log in and view price feed valuations of current holdings held within the pension scheme.

Due to dual trusteeship of the investments within the SIPP, clients cannot makes any investment changes online because Talbot & Muir would have to counter-sign any changes

Permitted Investments

Commercial property

Unit trusts & OEICS

All platforms allowed subject to due diligence

External deposit accounts

Unrestricted access to all 'sippable' deposit accounts, subject to due diligence

Overseas listed stock and shares

All stockbrokers and platforms allowed, subject to due diligence

UK listed stocks and shares

All stockbrokers and platforms allowed, subject to due diligence

AIM shares

All stockbrokers and platforms allowed, subject to due diligence

Gilts/corporate bonds

All stockbrokers and platforms allowed, subject to due diligence


All stockbrokers and platforms allowed, subject to due diligence

Investment trusts

All stockbrokers and platforms allowed, subject to due diligence

Discretionary management

Unrestricted access, subject to due diligence

National Savings & Investments

Unlisted shares

Structured products

Trustee Investment Plans

Insurance company funds

Hedge funds

Hedge funds in standard investments are acceptable.

Traded endowment plans

Third party loans

Property purchase

Purchase fee

£800 per property

Sale fee

£350 per property

Annual property administration fee

Included in multi asset SIPP with one commercial property fee

VAT registration fee


VAT return fees

£50 per quarter

Other fees

Pension fund borrowing fee £400 per property

Environmental screening report, from £198

Co-Trustee on SIPP £250

SIPP Bank Account

SIPP bank account provider

Metro Bank

Current interest rate



Scheme trustees

TM Trustees

Scheme administrator

Talbot & Muir SIPP LLP

Minimum contributions

Regular payments

No minimum

Transfers/Single Premiums

No minimum

Min additional

No minimum

Company Information


Curtis Banks

Year established


Funds under management

£2.65 billon

Number of SIPPs administered

over 4,971 as at June 2019

Defaqto rating

5 star rating


Accepts benefits from defined benefit / final salary schemes?

Yes, if IFA advised

Misc Bypass Trust available via SIPP product £195 + VAT

Flexi-Access Drawdown/UFPLS offered?


Scheme Pension offered



In order to qualify as a Single-Asset SIPP (level 1 fees of £245 pa), in addition to the main SIPP bank account held with Metro Bank, the SIPP may only contain one other non direct property holding. For example, this may take the form of either a single Discretionary Fund Manager portfolio, a single Platform, a single stand alone Unit Trust/OEIC/Trustee Investment Plan, or a single direct equity holding.

As soon as the SIPP owns more than one of these assets, it is then treated as a Multi-Asset SIPP (level 2 fees of £435 per annum.)

For investments in Multi-Assets including a commercial property, this is deemed level 3 with fees of £980 per annum.

Please refer to schedule of fees for full details.


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