The London Marathon, how did Bev do?

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Bev marathon 2 150pxWe are thrilled to let you know our Managing Director, Bev Stoves, completed the Virgin London Marathon on 24 April 2016.

So, how was it?

Apart from getting married and having children, it was definitely up there as one of the best days ever! The camaraderie and friendship between runners from getting on the Tube, queuing for the loos to going over the start line and the finish line was amazing. I started with all the charity runners and it was fabulous to hear so many wonderful stories about why people were running and who they were raising funds for.

How did you tackle it mentally?

I didn’t sleep much the night before and spent it going over the route and various milestones in my head. First was Cutty Sark at mile 6, Tower Bridge at mile 12, Canary Wharf at mile 18, then back to Tower Bridge at mile 23 then it was just 5k to the finish. I definitely needed to have the 26.2 broken down into smaller, more manageable chunks.

What got you round?

It was a combination of things – a bit of inner grit, high fiving hundreds of children, the crowd shouting my name and knowing that the money I had raised would give less fortunate children a sporting chance. Seeing some friends at mile 17 and my husband and sons at mile 18 gave me a massive boost.

How did you feel as you crossed the finish line?

Totally elated and overwhelmed that I had done it but I was desperately trying to hold the tears back so I would look nice on my official photos!

How were the legs afterwards?

Let’s just say Family Stoves enjoyed riding around London in cabs on Sunday night and all of Monday. There is no way I could have tackled the Tube Station steps.

Never again or you in the ballot when it opens on 2nd May?

The million dollar question…..I went for a sports massage (which incidentally was worse that the 26.2) on Wednesday and my physio took one look at me and said ‘You are going in that ballot again next week aren’t you?’ I told her to just think of me as a client for life.

Anyone you want to thank?

There are thousands of people who made it such a special day – everyone who donated so incredibly generously, my family, friends, the crowd, the marshalls, the police, St John’s Ambulance and all the people manning water and lucozade stations.

What next?

I have got a few events planned but as soon as my legs are up to it, I am running 3.2 miles in memory of the Marathon runner who didn’t make it home. The running community have come together to run that distance in his honour.

How much did you raise for the Lord’s Taverners?

So far, £2,186.20, but donations are still coming in. It’s been a true privilege to run for the Tavs.

If you would like to donate, a link to my fundraising page is below: