Wealthy Britons want to continue working past retirement age


About 60 per cent of wealthy British people never want to retire, according to a Barclays Wealth survey.

Twenty developed economies around the world were surveyed in the poll, which described UK residents who plan on working into their old age as ‘nevertirees’.

The survey highlighted that 60 per cent of Britons, with over a million pounds in investable assets, want to carry on working for as long as they are able – six and 26 per cent more than US and Swiss residents respectively.

About 70 per cent of participants under 45 said they would always be involved in work of some form or other, illustrating the changing attitudes to retirement across the world.

Greg Davies at Barclays Wealth said: “Whilst in previous generations there have always been an energetic few with the health and drive [to keep working], many looked to create their wealth early on in life with a view to enjoying it whey they retired”.

He continued: “This report reflects a different attitude, with wealthy individuals wanting to continue to challenge themselves well beyond the traditional retirement age”.

The government is planning on abolishing the current UK retirement age from October next year meaning that employers will no longer be able to force staff to retire once they reach 65.