Your chance to get a cost effective Will and help charity


Will AidMost people know that they really should have a Will, but many of us don’t get around to ticking the task off our to do list.

November brings the return of Will Aid and the perfect opportunity to take care of a job which is so easy to put off.

Will Aid gives you the ideal chance to have your Will drawn up by a local solicitor, who will waive their fee in return for a donation to charity.

The suggested donation is £95 for a single Will and £150 for a pair of ‘mirror’ Wills; far lower than the amount usually charged by solicitors.

Hundreds of Solicitors take part annually in Will Aid, you can find participating firms by clicking here. Alternatively a telephone / email service is now available; you can find more information about this by clicking here.

Why make a Will?

The excuses for not making a Will are endless, from cost to finding time, a perception that it isn’t needed to a aversion to considering our own mortality.

However, the benefits to your loved ones of you making a Will can be immeasurable.

Not only will it ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death, it also allows you to nominate guardians for dependent children, can help to reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax paid on your death and ensures that your estate is distributed more quickly than if you were to die without having made a Will.

As financial advisers we always recommend our clients have an up to date and professionally drawn up Will. With Will Aid just around the corner, there really no excuse.