5 reasons why you can’t ignore Will Aid

Inheritance Tax

5 reasons why you can’t ignore Will Aid If you haven’t made a Will, or it’s been a while since yours was last updated, November offers you a unique opportunity to solve this problem whilst at the same time helping to raise money for charity.

Since it was founded in 1988 not only has Will Aid helped thousands of people write a Will, it has also raised £15 million for charities including the NSPCC, Age UK and Save the Children.

How does Will Aid work?

It really is very simple.

Instead of paying a Solicitor to draw up your Will. they give their time for free, in return for your donation to Will Aid.

All you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

Step #1: Find a participating Solicitor, which you can do by clicking here and entering your postcode

Step #2: Plan your Will using the Will Aid Will Planner which the Solicitor will use to write your Will

Step #3: Make a donation. The suggested amount for a single Will is £95 and for a joint (mirror) Will it is £150

But why should you make a will?

5 reasons you can’t ignore Will Aid

Whether you’ve not got round to making a Will, or your existing Will needs updating, you can’t afford to ignore Will Aid, here are five reasons why:

#1: It puts you in control If you die without a valid Will, your assets will be distributed in line with the laws of intestacy, which might not be in line with your wishes. A Will is the only way for you to specify how your assets will be divided on your death.

#2: Remember the children Writing a Will allows you to appoint legal guardians for your children in the event of your death

#3: Cut the tax A well written Will can help reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax (IHT) your beneficiaries pay when you die

#4: Help some great causes Since it was launched Will Aid has helped to raise £15 million for a range of worthwhile causes. In these tough economic times it’s sometimes hard to find the spare cash to donate to charity, Will Aid provides an excellent opportunity to put your financial affairs in order, whilst helping a good cause.

#5: The nudge you need Making a Will is probably the ultimate “I haven’t got round to it yet” job. Most of us know why we need one, but many of us haven’t yet taken that first step. Will Aid should be the nudge you need to move this vital area of your financial planning forward.

The links you need

To find out more about Will Aid click here

To find a participating Solicitor in your area click here

Note: The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not regulate Wills, Will writing or Tax Planning